About Us


Citywrite Stationery was established in year 2006 and has serves the community for more than 10 years. We started by barely providing students need (mostly students from the UCSI University) from stationery, basic household items and even snacks.

By years later, we accumulate our retail experience and manage to gather more varieties of stationery to satisfy our wide range of customers; students, office, shop keepers, tuition centre, home school, art class centre etc.

Today, we are dedicated to meet our customers’ needs with technical stationery, printing service, modeling components, art and craft materials, office equipment and machines, as well as festival decoration and gift wrapping. And of course, a door-to-door service with ONLINE STORE!

We hope our customers enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering the very best of us to them, and also you. The following is the brief introduction of our shop products and services:

Basic Stationery :  pen, eraser, ruler, glue, crayon, colour pencil, water colour, stapler, puncher, stamp pad, tapes, marker, notebook, full scape paper, files, ID holder, key tag, clip board,

Technical Stationery : Graphite pencil, technical drawing pen, circular cutter, scale ruler, drawing templates, T-square, set square, drawing tube & bag, eraser shield, A0 to A4 size cartridge/ drawing paper, colour marker, A1 to A4 size tracing paper & butter paper,

Modeling Components : Model cards & boards, kraft cards & boards, balsa wood & sticks, box board, compressed foam board, polystyrene foam board, scaled human figures, landscape model materials, modeling fibre, pebbles, water model gel, acrylic sheets, PVC model board, corrugated board, mounting board, wire,

Art & Craft Materials : Canvas, easel, mural colour, arcyliv paint, oil paint, mediums, A1 to A4 size water colour paper, pastels & pastel paper, spray paint, palette, brushes, crepe paper, rice paper, euro manila card, metallic card, ribbons & lace, buttons, straw, beads, types of twines,

Office Equipment & Machines : Black & white board, velvet board, foam board, display rack, display stand, business cards holder, dot-matrix printer & ribbon, computer forms, shredder machine, heavy duty stapler and puncher, drawing hanger and rack, document tray, thermal roll, punch card machine, cheque writer,

Printing Services : We can print up to A0 size drawing in coated paper, glossy paper, tracing paper and cartridge paper;  we provide photocopying services for menu, booklet, certificates etc; we also provide various binding services such as comb bind, spiral bind, wire bind, perfect bind, and thesis hard cover bind is one of our best praised service.

If you have any question, query or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us @Customer Service.

Citywrite Stationery Sdn Bhd